Snail Bob Is A Game

Snail Bob is a game that will take you on some of the strangest and funniest adventures you will ever go on in a game. It is a game that will keep you entertained for hours at a time and will teach kids about problem solving and giving them quick timing skills. All of this wrapped into a story about a snail named Bob who is just living the best life he can as a snail, you can imagine how hard that must be some times.

For example, in the first game Bob is sleeping peacefully in his nice home when a wrecking ball comes right through. Bob wakes up to a home that is basically destroyed and now he has to make his way through a dangerous construction zone to get back to safety and to find a new home that he can live in since his old one has been destroyed.

In the second game Snail Bob must prepare a gift and get to his Grandpa’s house for his birthday quickly as he has forgotten all about it until the invitation arrived in the mail. It’s a race against the clock as Bob makes his way through the woods without losing the gift to get to Grandpa’s house to deliver the birthday present.

If these adventures sound fun to you, there are 6 more versions of the game that have been released after those two. Not counting the 2 Snail Bob games that are mobile versions of the first 2 games in the Snail Bob series with slightly different obstacles and puzzles to get through. It is mobile friendly so the challenges will not be impossible to pass.

With all of the puzzles and obstacles that you have to pass while getting through each level, the game is perfect for kids. It’s a fun game so they will not know that they are learning but in reality they are learning skills like problem solving and they have to use their brains to think of a way to get the puzzles to work so that Bob doesn’t get stuck or hurt. And the levels are short so if they do mess up and have to go back to the start, it won’t set them back on their journey too much. They will just have to restart the level to get back to where they were in the middle of it.

So if you are looking for a game that is fun and will keep you entertained, or a game that will keep your kids entertained and teach them something along the way, this might be the game you are looking for.